Samhällsbyggnad och demokrati – NU

NAV i Nacka  är en mötesplats och ett nätverk för hållbar samhällsutveckling, innovation och lärande. NAV backas upp av Nacka kommun och har ett nära samarbete med myndigheter, näringsliv, forskning, kultur och föreningsliv.

Under tre dagar bjuds nedanstående program från 50 kr/dag för drop in eller hela dagen.

Symposium August 27, 28, 29

By rebuilding community, we will renew democracy and the hope we invest in it. We will achieve something that, paradoxically, we cannot realise alone: self-reliance.” ― George Monbiot

Today we face tremendous challenges on multiple fronts, social and environmental. The climate crisis; accelerating species loss and habitat destruction; involuntary mass migration; political gridlock; rise of neo-nationalism and authoritarianism; increasing gap between rich and poor.  Current social and cultural patterns, professional disciplines, and political/economic systems are challenged to address these crises. One path to peaceful change lies in the reinvention and renewal of community. What does ”building community” mean, how can it address the situation, and how can it be achieved? What can we contribute as citizens and in our professional/productive roles? Our three-day symposium explores the following themes:

Tues Aug 27, Day 1: ”The Necessity and Difficulty of Community”  
9:00-9:05 Malin Åberg-Wennerholm, KTH Architecture leadership: Welcome
9:05-9:45 Peter Lynch, Karoline Bottheim and Daniel Lundqvist in conversation: Goals of the Workshop
9:45-10:25 Peter Lynch, introductory lecture ”The Problem of Community
10:25-11:25 Dejan Lukić, keynote lecture ”Prologue for the Uncreated”. Read more about the lecture below.
11:25-11:40 Pernilla Glaser, respondent
11:40-13:30 LUNCH BREAK
13:30-14:35 Erik Bordeleau, webcam lecture ”How to Be Together without Being One? Variations on the Commons and Transindividual Practices of Attunement
14:35-14:50 Pernilla Glaser, respondent
14:50-15:50 Erik Bordeleau, Dejan Lukić and Pernilla Glaser in conversation
15:50-16:00 BREAK
16:00-16:45 Erik Bordeleau, Dejan Lukić and Pernilla Glaser in conversation with the audience
16:45-17:30 MINGLE

Wed Aug 28, Day 2:  ”Architecture and Community”  
12:45-13:20 Peter Lynch, introductory lecture ”The Unhappy Story of Modern Architecture and Community” 
13:20-14:05 Frederika Friberg, lecture ”The Art of City Building
14:05-14:25 Peter Hallén, respondent
14:25-15:10 Peter Hallén, lecture ”An Architectural Journey from the Social Awareness of the 70’s to the Self-indulgence of the 80’s (and Back Again)
15:10-15:30 Oscar Hafvenstein, respondent
15:30-15:45 BREAK
15:45-16:30 Oscar Hafvenstein, lecture “Game Over, New Game: De-commodifying
(and Resurrecting) Architecture (and Society)

16:30-17:30 Oscar Hafvenstein and Per Johansson in conversation

Thurs August 29, Day 3: ”Community and Communication”
12:45-13:00 Daniel Lundqvist, welcome and introduction
13:00-14:00 Karoline Bottheim, lecture ”Community and Communicating
14:00-14:45 Pella Thiel, lecture ”Community Building in the Transition Movement
14:45-15:30 Pella Thiel and Per Johansson in conversation
15:30-16:00 Questions and responses
16:00-16:30 BREAK, audience conversation/breakout sessions
16:30-17:15 Karoline Bottheim: Introduction to students’ workshop task
17:15-17:30 MINGLE

Drinks, snacks and finger food will be available for a fair price
Where: Järnvägsgatan 35, Sickla, 131 54 Nacka, Sverige